Empress Tower is a Premier Office Building located at 138-142 Hai Ba Trung, District 1 – the golden center of economic area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Set on the international standard, Empress Tower comprises about 20,000 sq m for office space including 17 levels plus two basements with banking and retail space on the ground floor.

This building has a extremely prime location, approximately 4.8 km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport with many amenities close by such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and the within walking distance to US, French, British, German, India and the new China embassies. Situated between two large streets (Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Hai Ba Trung), Empress Tower also benefits from excellent links to nearby districts making it an ideal location for staff and visitors alike.

Empress Tower management service is complied with the high level standards, from the manpower, facilities to hygienic and security team. Everything is ensured to be run at its best condition here. Our operation team are very selective and competitive to ensure the prompt support and responsibility to tenants’ enquiries.


138 – 142 Hai Ba Trung Street, Dakao Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Building information

Total Office Retail Area
Number Of Floors ( above ground )
Ceiling height in the premises
External Finishing

23,627 sqm
2.65 m
Aluminum glasses

Car parking

1st Basement Area: Car Parking
2nd Basement Area: Motorbike Parking

40 Slots
1,200 Slots

Property fact sheet

Floor loading
Elevator – Type
Elevator – Speed
Elevator – Capacity
Elevator – Special Features
Elevator – Number
Elevator – Fire man
A/C System
A/C – Type
A/C – Capacity
A/C – Features
Chiller Number
Lighting System
Lighting – Type
Lighting – Modules
Lighting – Lux: Office
Lighting – Lux: Public Area
Lighting – Lux: Car parking
Power supply
Power density ( Tenant floor)
Power backup – Capability
Security System
Security guards
Security center
Number of Camera
Other CCTV video
Fire Safety Standard
Fire Escapes
Voice evacuation Public Address
System for all Floors
Fire command center
250 kg/m2
Each floor has 3 separated areas for man, woman and handicap
Every Floor
Mitsubishi (Origin Of The Japan) – Doas Control
03 m/s
1,050 Kgs (13 Persons)
Cabin Inox
6 (5 Passengers; 1 Serviced)
Daikin MAC – Quay
400 BTUh/ m2
T5 (3 X 18W ) High Efficiency
Multi Cell Aluminum Louver – Recessed
300 Lux – 500 Lux
200 Lux – 250 Lux
100 Lux – 200 Lux
80 VA / m2
100 % Load of the building
Ground Floor
Ground Floor

Building services

Regular cleaning
Pest control
Flowers supply
Plant lease
Sanitary suppliers
Air freshener
Waste water treatment
Chiller maintenance
Lift maintenance
Fire alarm maintenance
Electric generator maintenance
YUKI Sepre 24
An Minh – CleanTech
Hoang Diep
Sam Sam
Hoang Diep, Green World
Cao Phat, Natural, Gia Thanh
Rentokil Initial
Tam Nhin Xanh – Gree
Tan Thuan
Tuong Viet

Conveniences within & around the building

Retail Stores
Luxury Restaurants (Hotel)
Sport Club
Additional conveniences
Other Conveniences
Shinhan Bank, Sacombank, VietCapital
Shop and go, coopmart, Diamond Plaza
Gourmet Garden, Hoang Yen (VN), Sumo, Ashima (Japan), Pine
Phan Dinh Phung club
Me Linh primary school, Vietnam Australia
Bordering to CBD, transportation options: Taxi, public bus
American, India, Germany
Hotels, schools, coffee shops, fashion shops


138 – 142 Hai Ba Trung Street, Dakao Ward,District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Total Office Retail Area 23,627 sqm
Number Of Floors ( above ground ) 18


1st Basement Area: Car Parking 40 Slots
2nd Basement Area: Motorbikes Parking 1,200 Slots


Floor loading 250 kg/m2
Toilet 250 Kg/ M2
Pantry Every Floor
Elevator - Type Mitsubishi (origin of the Japan) - DOAS control
Elevator - Speed 03 m/s
Elevator - Capacity 1,050 kgs (13 persons)
Elevator - Special Features Cabin inox
Elevator - Number 6 (5 passengers; 1 serviced)
Elevator - Fire man 1
A/C System
A/C - Type Chiller Mac - Quay
A/C - Capacity 400 BTUh/ m2
A/C - Features AHU
Chiller Number 4
Lighting System
Lighting - Type T5 (3 X 18W ) High Efficiency
Lighting - Modules Multi Cell Aluminum Louver - Recessed
Lighting - Lux: Office 300 Lux - 500 Lux
Lighting - Lux: Public Area 200 Lux - 250 Lux
Lighting - Lux: Car parking 100 Lux - 200 Lux
Power supply
Power density ( Tenant floor) 80 VA / m2
Power backup - Capability 100 % Load of the building
Security System
Security guards 24h/24h
Security center Ground Floor
Number of Camera 103
Other CCTV video Yes
Fire Safety Standard TCVN
Fire Escapes 2
Voice evacuation Public Address Yes
System for all Floors Yes
Fire command center Ground Floor


Security YUKI Sepre 24
Regular cleaning HB-KMIX
Pest control An Minh - CleanTech
Landscaping Hoang Diep
Flowers supply Sam Sam
Plant lease Hoang Diep, Green World
Sanitary suppliers Cao Phat, Natural, Gia Thanh
Air freshener Rentokil Initial
Waste water treatment Tam Nhin Xanh - Gree
Chiller maintenance Daikin
Lift maintenance Mitsubishi
Fire alarm maintenance Tan Thuan
Electric generator maintenance Tuong Viet
Banks Shinhan Bank, Sacombank, VietCapital
Retail Stores Shop and go, coopmart, Diamond Plaza
Restaurants Gourmet Garden, Hoang Yen (VN), Sumo, Ashima (Japan), Pine
Luxury Restaurants (Hotel) Novotel
Sport Club Phan Dinh Phung Club
Schools Me Linh primary school, Vietnam Australia
Additional conveniences Bordering to CBD, transportation options: Taxi, public bus
Consulates American, India, Germany
Other Conveniences Hotels, schools, coffee shops, fashion shops



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Leasing Department contact:

Ms. Thoa Huynh – Leasing Executive

Tel: +84 936 677 596

Building Management Office Contact:

Mr. Nghi Nguyen – Deputy Property Manager

Tel: (028) 3823.3116


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More details about Gourmet Garden Restaurant can be found here.