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Flexible Office Space

At Business Center, we offer a fully-furnished and equipped workspace, meeting room and additional services – all you things need to jump-off your business immediately.

  • Modern office furniture
  • Golden location with spectacular view
  • Professional business environment
  • International building management standards
  • Enthusiastic and trained teams with strong expertise experience delivering quality customer services

We understand that different customers have specific office demands, so our flexible contract terms, affordable pricing structure and prompt assistance surely will satisfy various requirements of multiple clients. With us, time and money is saved at maximum ratio:

  • You can walk into your new workspace and begin immediately without the need of set-up and fit-out costs.
  • Only pay for what you use and also receive the extra support from experts.
  • Have the right image and first impression with your business partners

Virtual Office

It’s easy to get a professional business representation with our Business Center’s full virtual office package, including:

  • Business address
  • Mail handling
  • Private telephone line with personnel answering
  • Premier meeting room with video conference for occasional need.

We can help you in building the image of your company as well as increasing customers’ trust at the most effective and suitable cost. Choosing our virtual alternative provides not only solutions for your company but also a passionate manpower to support you in growing the profit. If purchasing a serviced office is quite hard for you at the very first page of running the company, our virtual office is the perfect answer for your enquiry – to work wherever you like and to build the company reputation successfully simultaneously.

Premier Meeting Room Outdoor

Our meeting room outdoor is the most competitive advantage that surely is nowhere to be found

  • Luxury furniture
  • Open space with premier glass wall
  • Video conference with high technology and IT system
  • Breath-taking city view

If you’re running a workshop or conference, just notify us how you would like to set up everything, we have the best of the best personnel to accommodate your requests and to assist you to pay attention to every single details for your perfect show. And if you have any other special requirements we can help out with those too. Our video conferencing technology is set up in international standards, including the equipment and technology as well, that surely will allow you to have the best call and video quality to communicate with your global partners regardless of distance. All our meeting rooms come with conference phones, free internet connection and complimentary tea, coffee and water. Whiteboards, televisions and projectors are also available for your usage. We serve you all the best to ensure your meeting go as smoothly as possible, whether you’re an existing client or a non-tenant.

Additional Services

You have the best location and the best address with full furnished office space, now we offer you all the business alternatives supporting by dedicated members to run business smoothly, including:

  • Photocopy, Fax, Printing, Scan
  • Document Binding
  • Document Laminating
  • National & International Courier
  • Typing & Translation
  • Interpreter
  • Visa Services, Hotel and Tourism
  • Airport Pick up
  • Legal Support
  • Accounting Support

The additional services are offered at affordable price with multiple package, depending on your real need. From the small thing to the big demand, our team – well trained and professional expert with strong experience in customer service – will serve you right at the first place.



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Leasing Department contact:

Ms. Thoa Huynh – Leasing Executive

Tel: +84 936 677 596

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Business Center Office contact:

Ms. Ly Nguyen – Business Center Supervisor

Tel: (028) 3823.3116